About your photographer:

Hi, I'm Nikole!

(And that's my baby, Atlas)

I'm first and foremost a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. And then, in addition to all of that, a photographer. Relationships and connection with people are what fuel and inspire me most. I love documenting life as it is. Preserving the beauty that can be found in day to day moments and interactions. 

I'm not taking photos for you to love tomorrow, I'm taking photos for you to love thirty years from now.

Growing up, my mom was ALLLWAYS taking photos.

She has an entire closet dedicated to photo albums. Inside are photos of my dad and I in party hats on my first birthday, my mom helping me do the monkey bars at the park, and photos from times when my siblings, cousins, grandparents, parents and I were all together (that never happens anymore). None of them are perfectly posed, with every hair in place or wearing coordinating outfits. But they carry stories, history and memories I wouldn’t know about if the photos didn't exist. They document our life.

I love going to my parents house and pulling those albums out. We gather around, turn the pages together and I always hear new stories about our life. It’s a good time.

Do you think we will be sitting with our kids in twenty years, scrolling through the photos we have on our phones right now? Do you think we will hold the perfectly posed, JcPenny-style, images as near and dear to our hearts?

I photograph your family in a way that allows you to enjoy a tradition or moment you already try so hard to engrain in your memory, knowing all too well that some day the memory will be fuzzy at best. With these photos it doesn't have to go fuzzy. You can hold on to these sweet and fleeting moments. You can preserve your children’s stories and tell them all about it when they’re older and have babies of their own.