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When you welcome a new baby into your world, be it your first or fourth child, everything changes. Your home starts to look a little different. The corner of your bedroom becomes the place where you rocked them to sleep every night, the kitchen is where they tried their first bite of food, the living room becomes the sanctuary where you spend hours rolling around on the floor together and the bath a sacred space where you spend your evenings washing your baby’s feet. The significance of your home is something that can only be documented with an in-home family session.

It’s more than just a home, it’s where you grow into a different, stronger and better version of yourself. I can’t think of another location to offer for your family photos that would have anywhere near the same impact.

Here is everything I want you to know about the in-home sessions I offer for families.

1. I don’t mind the mess

It can be nerve-wracking to welcome someone to your home for an in-home family session as you are caring for a newborn or navigating parenthood for the very first time. Know I don’t mind the mess. We can create beautiful images no matter what state your home is in. Got a pile of laundry in the crib? No problem.

All you have to do is soak up these moments with the people you love most and do what you would do on any given day. I will find the beautiful light and ensure your photos are artfully composed.

2. We will document the day to day

Whenever you book an in-home family session, I’m not just showing up and posing you all around your house. I am there to document the day-to-day moments and family traditions you hold near and dear to your heart. Coffee in the morning while your babies play in the living room, bath time and reading a book before bed, hanging out in the swing on the patio, or nursing your baby in your bedroom. Do you have day-to-day moments you find yourself trying so hard to soak up and engrain in your memory forever? That’s what I photograph.

Before you book with me we will talk on the phone about these moments and brainstorm over what your session might look like. Then, after you book, I will send a detailed getting to know you questionnaire for you to fill out. We will make a general plan for your session while holding loosely to expectations and allowing for spontaneity with your family.

3. I’ve been there

I remember the day of my own in-home family session with Atlas. He was one month old. My husband and I were living in our unfinished shed to tiny home conversion. The walls were literally exposed insulation. It was a mess. I had this new body that I was learning to love while navigating motherhood and all of the postpartum hormones for the first time. I was pretty scared and considered canceling the session all together.

The photographer arrived, her presence made me forget all about my concerns. She invited us to sit and love on our baby. I hate to admit it, but the session ended up being one of the first moments where I was fully present with my family instead of worrying about if I was doing anything right. I remember looking at my baby and being so grateful for the session because it snapped me back into what truly mattered and reminded me to slow down.
We got photos of our messy house that I am excited to tell my baby all about one day. And we documented his first official bath outside under the trees. Which came to be my favorite thing to do with him and having photos of that moment really means more than words can say.

I want you to know I have been there and know how vulnerable it feels welcoming me into your home during this season. I don’t take it lightly and I do what I can to create a presence that helps you forget your worries and encourage you to be fully present with your loved ones.

4. Your don’t need the best decor or the brightest light

Your home holds meaning to you in so many ways other than how you choose to decorate it. I don’t care if you have the latest trending decor or if you have huge windows with natural light in every room. What really matters is the way you love on your people within it. If you are worried your home is too dark for a photo session know that I can work some magic with one tiny window or even the light that comes from your fridge.

5. Let your kids be kids

This isn’t the time for your kids to be perfect and sit still for the camera. I love letting them lead the session. If they want to play, dance or steal some brownie batter before you can get it to the oven, let them! If you do need to take a step back to console one of your children that’s fine, I will spend time photographing someone or something else so you can do that. Life happens and I won’t get in the way of it. If things start to feel chaotic, trust that I have seen it all before and we will get beautiful photos among the chaos.

6. We can totally take a mid-session snack break

Kids and babies get hungry. I am all for and totally encourage a mid-session snack break. You should never feel like feeding your children will interrupt or be an inconvenience. I love documenting real-life moments and stopping to have a meal is one of them.

7. I’ll help you figure out what to wear

The clothes you wear can make a big difference in your photos. When you book an in-home family session you receive my “what to wear” guide, to help make planning outfits super easy. I don’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new outfit for every member of your family (if you want to use the session as an excuse to do so then go for it). Instead I encourage you to wear what you normally wear while avoiding clothing that will distract from the emotion of your images.  I give all of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years in the guide. If you need a little more help then I am always happy to create custom outfit inspiration boards for families.

8. You don’t have to worry about leaving your house

One benefit of in-home sessions is that I come to you. No stressing over getting the entire family ready and out the door in time for your session. Just stay at home, do what you do best and I will do the rest.

Mom and Dad sitting on bed and getting their baby dressed during their family photos in Austin Texas

I love being able to document life as it is for families and in-home sessions are the best way to do just that. When you get your photos back they won’t just be photos of you and your family, they’ll be a window into this season of life. A way for you to look back on a remember these significant moments. Some day it will all feel like a dream.

Are you ready to book your own in-home session with me and document this season? You can view my in-home session pricing here then fill out my contact form to get started. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Dad watching Mom nurse baby during their family photos in Austin Texas
Mom holding baby's leg while she nurses him in her bed during their family photos in Austin Texas
Close up of baby's arms and belly sitting in Mom's lap during their family photos in Austin Texas
Baby pulling Mom's Hair during their family photos in Austin Texas
Mom, Dad and Baby's legs while baby is pulling mom's hair during their family photos in Austin Texas
Family sitting on couch for their in home family photos in Austin Texas
Dad and Baby sitting in their backyard during their family photos in Austin Texas
Mom Dad and Baby walking around their backyard during their family photo session in Austin Texas.

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